3 top Media Relations mistakes you will not want to make

Ever wondered how to get your press release published? Not sure what media relations mistakes you might be making? Part and parcel of any communication strategy is media relations. While customers increasingly consume social media, engaging with print, TV and radio outlets must be part of an omni-channel marketing approach. Furthermore, media are present online and on social media. This increases opportunities for brand exposure.

Media relations to some is an art. Honestly, it is not so much an art as it is common sense. At the heart of media relations, however, are relationships. And these are fuelled by good communication and reciprocity.

There are some mistakes brands looking for media coverage commonly make. We have listed three which will seem basic, but which are core to all media relations, in particular with regard to pitching news and features.

Have a look. We have also put together a ‘How to get your story in the press’ check list for you. You can download this below.


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