The Endgame: Why a goal makes all the difference to your outlook, performance and resilience

by William Devenish

Life without a goal is quite literally ‘pointless’. You are going about your daily business without something ‘pointing’ you to the end goal; there is a distinct absence of motivation or drive. Tasks turn into mundane chores; routine turns into bleak monotony and a desire to grow reluctantly turns into an acceptance of continuity and there is no progress.

If you have a goal – an endgame – then things change.

Firstly, your outlook can be completely overhauled. All the tasks that you complete off your checklist will culminate in, and all go towards completing your goal. This adds a sense of achievement and joy to everything, as you feel that what you are doing is making a difference to your business, work, school etc..

A goal makes a difference to you personally.

You are helping move your life forward. You work is helping you to make your life better – to get you to where you want to get to. There is no better source of motivation or drive than finding a goal to progress yourself in.

Secondly, a goal has a massive impact on performance.

A more positive, hard-working attitude will inevitably lead to better performance and output, as it is likely that you will take those extra steps to turn your goal into a greater possibility. You will research innovative, efficient ways of achieving the desired outcome; you will work harder on your tasks – ensuring their quality is sublime (so as not hinder your goal).

Through this you will more likely complete more tasks or steps, at a more efficient rate, in order to make completing your goal a feasible, realistic outcome. Without a doubt, an endgame increases performance and productivity.

Finally, a goal increases resilience.

In a modern world, full of turbulence, uncertainty and most significantly, constant change; resilience and grit are an essential ingredient of success.

One must brave the storm to make it to the other side. However, it is much easier to give up – to give in to the challenges – to fail, when there is no motivation or goal in sight.

However, if you have a clear vision in mind, something you really want, it is likely you will actively work through any obstacles as the future is worth the difficult present. Resilience is essential, but it requires a belief and drive for things to change for the better. That is the ultimate goal.

Which goal?

Now –  it seems I have relentlessly gone on about the positives of having a goal, but I have failed to explain what actually constitutes a goal. Well, the variances of a goal are limitless: it is simply something you want to achieve and progress towards in the future.

For instance, a basic goal in today’s digitalised word could simply revolve around social media. From a business perspective, this could mean achieving a certain amount a followers (bolstering your influence) or posting a set amount of posts. Online, it could also mean extending the breadth of your website and attracting more visitors.

However, a goal can be much larger than follower numbers. A goal can be massive (within reason) and could be a complete personal overhaul.

For me, personally, I am hoping to study in American after two more years of school, and this is a massive upheaval for me. However, it is something I feel would greatly benefit me in the long term and something I really want. Therefore, it is really the motivation I need to get through school and work hard, so that I can achieve my goal and move forward with my life.

A goal, regardless of magnitude or difficulty, is simply the best motivation and best tool to propel your ability to work and your sense of achievement and contentment. It creates a more positive outlook, a higher importance and increases your resilience.

Never start something without a goal at the end, or the work you do will likely feel meaningless: becoming increasingly boring and trivial.


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