Crisis Communication 101

With an increase in mergers and acquisitions, business closures and layoffs as a result of Covid-19’s impact on business, Public Relations and Crisis Communication know-how is needed more than ever.

What does an effective Crisis Communication need?

Crisis communication, in essence, follows all the same communication principles as any other communications strategy. The difference is that crises require three elements which are not usually needed at the same level:

Issues Preparation
Highly-trained spokespeople
A tight, clear communications protocol which takes emergency response into account

Pre-planning for comms success

Therefore, all points to pre-planning, which might seem counter-intuitive when we consider crises. Yet, the better organisations are prepared for any potential issues, that is situations which could result in a crisis, the more effective their handling of difficult communication scenarios.

The 4 pillars of crisis communication

We have put some pointers together below which should be included in your crisis and emergency communications pre-planning. A proper crisis strategy requires thorough planning, tailored to each unique organisation and its stakeholders. Yet, the following four pillars apply across all scenarios:

Each of these pillars needs breaking down in detail. Therefore, if you would like to ensure that you are as prepared as possible for a potential crisis and need a trusted partner to work alongside you, do reach out.

A trusted partner

Because we know how important it is to have a partner who can bring the right level of experience to the table, only our senior advisors work on crisis communication. With more than 25 years experience in international communication, including crisis communication and mergers & acquisitions, we offer competence and confidentiality.

We provide:

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Issues Management

We help you identify the most critical issues via a risk register. Most organisations tend to have a risk register, but do not always tie a communications plan to this.

We can help you make sense of it and gain the confidence that you are prepared.

Media Training

An issue turns into a crisis. Why? Most of the time, because media portrait the wrong story. We help you get your message across as you help media sift out FACT FROM FICTION

We provide C-suite media training as well as staff training.

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Crisis Communications Strategy

We work closely with you and your team in developing a crisis communications plan which engages your internal team at the right level and meets your stakeholders’ expectations.

We bring objectivity and analysis to your table.

C-Suite Advisory

Senior leaders need trustworthy and objective advice. At times this might come in form of the right question.

We are known for our analytical approach and have advised on crises across mass-layoffs, fraud, child kidnapping, planning permissions and more. Our clients trust us and our results speak for themselves. Should you need recommendations, please let us know.

Contact our Managing Director, Jutta Devenish directly for a confidential initial chat: via email at: or by phone at +44 7824 897976.

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