Tour d’Horizon – get to know your customer

Today is #GetToKnowYourCustomerDay – it is a good reminder to keep querying our customers. How do we do that? There are some great digital tools, but here is the one activity you might be doing already without realising, but could be a bit more purposeful about.

Tour d’Horizon

When you chat with your customer or potential customer over the phone, a zoom or in person, take a ‘tour d’horizon’, a rhetorical tool which has nothing to do with the product or service you are offering. Talk to them about other things – take a tour across the horizon! – , their favourite football club, what are they reading just now, have they read today’s news article on…? Find out what they engage with. What is important to them?

Opening up the conversation

These things open up conversation and start the process of relationship building, which are the pillars of good customer service. Only after this do you then move into the business matter. If you do business with Mediterranean cultures, in particular, this will be important as you will not be respected if you launch straight into business. Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to get to know them.

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Digital tools to query your customer

For digital tools to query your customer at other times, you might also like to look at:

1. Chat Bots

These are a great tool with which you can find out things about your customer. They are actually easy to set up on your website or social media platforms. Get them to ask one question only, for example and collate the answers over time.

2. Quiz

Create a quiz which you can, again, post on your website or share via social. People love to answer questions, especially if they are about them. For tips on which tools we recommend, contact us via or dm us.

Relationship building is key to business, yet it is also key to community building. We are not an island to ourselves, let’s make our interaction with others more purposeful and more people-focused.

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