Threads or Twitter

Threads or Twitter

A running commentary on Meta’s new “Threads”, pros, cons and everything in-between:

Ease of use

I joined Threads last night and the first thing I have to say is that it was incredibly easy to join – definitely a plus there. Contacts from Instagram were added or suggested right away, which makes things easier.

Not so straightforward was the structure of Threads, so where is everything? Where are the tags? Are there tags? Are there categories? At present it reads a bit like a ‘ramble’ of thoughts, not necessarily as any coherent threads

Integration with Instagram

The connection with Instagram is clear and makes things easier. When using the ‘story’ function, your thread post will go to your traditional Instagram audience. Neat is the Thread background behind the story if you do not choose one yourself.

Using thread on the web

Sure, mobile tech is at the heart of all social media, but it forgets that much work is still done online. While Meta has promised there will be an online version or, at least access to Thread accounts via your computer or notebook etc.. this is not the case, yet, and makes using Threads somewhat limited. For marketing agencies, too, this is cumbersome.

So, what is there to know about how to use Threads?

In a few bullet points:

  • Threads are limited to 500 characters
  • To mention others at the @sign and their username
  • To reply to other people’s post, you do the same
  • To repost (no, it is not called ‘re-thread’)
  • DMs? there are none
  • NOTE: you cannot edit or threads once posted!!!
  • ANOTHER NOTE: you cannot delete Threads without deleting your entire Instagram account. So, really, you will want to keep things consistent!
  • No hashtags, which makes things less interesting in terms of finding out what is trending

Friendlier than Twitter?

Zuckerberg claims that Threads will be friendlier place than Twitter. The ‘glee’ in this statement alone, tells us that this is unlikely and human nature tells us, too, that this is an unrealistic idealistic assumption. It also does not take into account the benefit brands experience from controversy. I predict that Threads will shift in tone within the next 6 weeks. That will be enough time for people to find their way, brands to understand how to leverage the platform and for polarisation to take place. Well, we will see.

2:23pm status

At this point in the day, I am neither for nor against Threads, but, like many, I have seen the news that Twitter is concerned about IP rights and ready to ‘pick a fight’ with META. Let’s see where that story takes us – it could get interesting. In the meantime, what thread will you spin?

Keep an eye out for more updates on Threads, right here…

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