Jutta Devenish, Managing Director, MICPR, CIM (CAM)


Our name? '

‘ZEITGEIST' means 'spirit of our time' and is borrowed from the German language. It refers to the market insight, ease of movement and energy businesses need to make effective and timely communication decisions. It also hints at our Managing Director's, German heritage and our offering across English and German-speaking markets. 

We love working with clients one-to-one, providing strategic, individualised communication solutions which exceed expectations.

We are part of Britain's Energy Coast Business Cluster

And are PR Consultants to Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster.

How did it all start?

After holding several European Director-level positions for US and Singapore-based Fortune 500 companies, international aid agencies and later on specialising as communications consultant and lecturer for international businesses and universities, Jutta Devenish, was hired as Communications Director for an international charity based in the Lake District where she developed a new communications and fundraising strategy and helped raise £5.4m towards the charity’s annual fundraising goals and the new capital funds project in just under two years.

She then returned to running her own communications consultancy business and set up Zeitgeist Communication Ltd. in spring of 2018.

“I love helping organisations find the right communication solutions to meet their specific needs. A strong believer in integrated communication and committed stakeholder engagement, I will always encourage businesses and non-profits to do an audit on their existing communication and re-think or revision where they are going. More often than not, it becomes clear very quickly that the vision has been lost or that those on the outside cannot really get hold of it. This is where we help. With a track-record in developing clear communication strategies and campaigns on national and international level, we know how to work with clients from various industries. We pride ourselves on our analytical thinking, creativity and goal-focus approach and know that our clients see us a trust-worthy, reliable partner.

I would say, don’t be shy, give us a ring or email us - email me directly at jutta.devenish@zeitgeistcomms.com and I shall be glad to meet with you!”

Meet some of our associates

Zeitgeist Communication works with a number of local and UK associates, which allows us to create a strong and professional full-service offering across Strategy Development, Communications Training and Creative.


Joanne Wong, JCYWONg Design


Joanne's aim is to bring clients' vision to life through professional and visual design. She works with SMEs and larger businesses, charities and community projects. She offers a range of digital and print design services, ad creation and hand-drawn illustrations, e.g. architecture and product packaging .

Joanne studied at Manchester School of Art and has exhibited m London and at the Keswick Museum and Art Gallery.


_JWM7854 bw.jpg

Jenny Woolgar, Photography


Jenny is a professional photographer with over ten years· experience in the industry. She works with magazines and regional newspapers covering interiors. food. commercial, events. social and portrait assignments. Her love of composition and aesthetic construction led naturally to an interest in fine art. Her degree is from Cumbria Institute of the Arts.

Jenny grew up in Cumbria and has lived here most of her life.