From the Silk Road of Globalisation to a ‘Land & Cloud Economy’

Zeitgeist Meta Trends, by Jutta Devenish The ancient city of Xi’an (formerly Chang’an) in China is known as the starting point from which the Silk Road wound its way westward in order to open its doors to what we now know as globalisation. Poignantly, it is also home to some of the largest internationally operatingContinue reading “From the Silk Road of Globalisation to a ‘Land & Cloud Economy’”


As we look at some of the key communication steps for events over the next fews weeks, today’s blog post focuses on mind maps and how to use these in the planning process. Download event mind map ​ Receive tips and tricks on how to lorum ipsum. Send me the guide Powered By ConvertKit WhenContinue reading “EVENT COMMUNICATION 101 – MIND MAPPING”

Enhancing Strategic Decisions through Artificial Intelligence

In this episode, our podcast guest, Pauline Norstrom from Anekanta Consulting, explores how leaders can use Artificial Intelligence to inform their strategies through more granular data. We look at the use of AI for the improvement of supply chain forecasting and for the protection of human lives in a health pandemic. To download Anekanta’s freeContinue reading “Enhancing Strategic Decisions through Artificial Intelligence”

Strong and compassionate Crisis Communication

In difficult times such as those caused by COVID-19, leaders are faced with having to lead, take difficult decisions and also show empathy for those around them. This episode looks at 5 key principles of crisis leadership and communication. _______ Show Notes (This is a transcript created with an AI and is not 100% complete.Continue reading “Strong and compassionate Crisis Communication”


As you are reading this, does this sound familiar? Your new boss says she has vision and knows exactly where she wants to take the business. When you ask more questions, however, her response is not really clear. It sounds more like a brainstorm, but certainly not like anything concrete. You realise that you willContinue reading “FOUR LEADERSHIP ERRORS WHICH WILL LOSE YOU MONEY”