Fall ’22 Marketing Forecast

Fall 2022, will continue to see an increase in digital advertising. Search advertising continues, but watch out for new Google requirements around destination. The lines between owned and paid media are becoming more blurred. Brands tapping into the sustainability and low carbon agenda are at risk of getting lost in a sea of the same brand messaging from their competition. Now is the time to to find your USP again!

Are we reaching people’s reality?

Not META nor Twitter nor their messaging are at the heart of people’s reality. Just one look at Queen Elizabeth’s memorial events and the outpouring of grief, love, recognition and respect tells us that their reality lies elsewhere. It is not necessarily about the monarchy, yet it is deeply rooted in the values the QueenContinue reading “Are we reaching people’s reality?”

Welcome Lizzie

#GrowingTheBusiness – We are excited to welcome Lizzie Hoffman as a new team member. Lizzie has come aboard as Digital Marketing Specialist. Lizzie will be supporting our work in the UK and USA with a focus on the development and running of our clients’ Marketing campaigns. We asked Lizzie about coffee – well, we likeContinue reading “Welcome Lizzie”

How to take risks

Are you risk-averse or a risk-taker? This week we welcome Ishu Singh from the podcast ‘Starting to Know – Business’ onto the show in a collaboration podcast. We explore how risk impacts decision-making, what leaders need to look out for and how risk can drive your business.  If you want to find out more aboutContinue reading “How to take risks”

Why excellence does not drive innovation

Excellence, excellence, excellence – the mantra of so many leaders. Stop, if you want to succeed at driving innovation. This episode explores why a focus on excellence is likely to stagnate your business and stop you and your teams from driving innovation. With Jutta Devenish, Managing Director, Zeitgeist Communication. 

Strong and compassionate Crisis Communication

In difficult times such as those caused by COVID-19, leaders are faced with having to lead, take difficult decisions and also show empathy for those around them. This episode looks at 5 key principles of crisis leadership and communication. _______ Show Notes (This is a transcript created with an AI and is not 100% complete.Continue reading “Strong and compassionate Crisis Communication”