Leading without the job title

Leading without the job title requires skill and the ability persuade and bring teams along who on a day-to-day basis might be reporting to others. So, how can we do that?  Listen in to our chat with Matthew Henry, PhD ChPP MAPM MICWIntegration Project Manager for Sellafield Ltd..  [buzzsprout episode=’8020235′ player=’true’] Power and Leadership SomeContinue reading “Leading without the job title”

Leadership beyond 2021 – what do we really need?

Which countries’ leadership style over the decades will serve our future?

In this episode we explore where leadership is heading through and after the pandemic of Covid19 and what type of leadership will be needed 2021 on beyond. After (or still in) a pandemic, with Brexit in the UK and an increasing call for collaboration, what kind of leadership will succeed and where do we need to think differently?

We are talking to Stephen Gibbs, Principal Lecturer for Business and Leadership at the Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership, University of Cumbria, UK.

Leading with passion, integrity and others in mind

with CEO of WHIS, Gareth Presch [buzzsprout episode=’6340792′ player=’true’] Leading others and the SDGs Gareth Presch is a leader with many hats. He is passionate about driving better health and wellbeing in our communities and doing so with integrity. He is also a special advisor for health and wellbeing for the UNSGII and the implementationContinue reading “Leading with passion, integrity and others in mind”

Digital Tools for Strategic Planning

[buzzsprout episode=’5877415′ player=’true’] This week’s episode is a solo-cast during which we explore three excellent digital tools to help leaders with their strategic planning process. From design sprints to structuring your ideas and core strategy elements to transforming steps into a project plan, leaders will find tried and tested tips to improve their planning

How to take risks

[buzzsprout episode=’5053553′ player=’true’] Are you risk-averse or a risk-taker? This week we welcome Ishu Singh from the podcast ‘Starting to Know – Business’ onto the show in a collaboration podcast. We explore how risk impacts decision-making, what leaders need to look out for and how risk can drive your business.  If you want to findContinue reading “How to take risks”

Why excellence does not drive innovation

[buzzsprout episode=’4897655′ player=’true’] Excellence, excellence, excellence – the mantra of so many leaders. Stop, if you want to succeed at driving innovation. This episode explores why a focus on excellence is likely to stagnate your business and stop you and your teams from driving innovation. With Jutta Devenish, Managing Director, Zeitgeist Communication. 

Enhancing Strategic Decisions through Artificial Intelligence

[buzzsprout episode=’4005149′ player=’true’] In this episode, our podcast guest, Pauline Norstrom from Anekanta Consulting, explores how leaders can use Artificial Intelligence to inform their strategies through more granular data. We look at the use of AI for the improvement of supply chain forecasting and for the protection of human lives in a health pandemic. ToContinue reading “Enhancing Strategic Decisions through Artificial Intelligence”