Social Media Hashtags 2021

Getting ready for 2021? The more organised, the better you can deliver on your social media and PR goals. There are many hashtag days you could include and it can get confusing what to use and what not. We have made this easy for you and have curated the most useful hashtags for 2021 forContinue reading “Social Media Hashtags 2021”

Setting Goals, Jonathan Harris

Known as @authorjon, motivational speaker and multiple author, Jonathan Harris and Jutta Devenish talk about the importance of setting goals

How will Biden’s win impact PR and Marketing?

We were recently asked what impact the US elections will have on Public Relations and Marketing in the USA and UK. Here some thoughts:

Planning 101 – mind mapping

The mind map will serve as a visual aid to create a full picture of the various steps needed to communicate. Moving along through the planning process treat the mind map not as a finished document, bur rather as a work in progress and add items you might have forgotten initially.

The Endgame: Why a goal makes all the difference to your outlook, performance and resilience

The Endgame: Why a goal makes all the difference to your outlook, performance and resilience


With the onslaught of messaging via emails, social media, the press and the communities around us, it can be difficult for leaders to keep a clear mind, stay focused, communicate well and deliver the performance required of them. Much is written about mental health and the need for self-care. And while not reducing these needs to any form of insignificance, it is also true that often, simple steps can help avoid a downward spiral.


“Communication? Yes, we can all do better, but really, how hard can it be?”It is this attitude that denies business success. When leaders see communication as no more than an organic process, they are immediately condemning it to failure and with it, their projects to mediocrity. Communication is the centre piece of all human relationships,Continue reading “CONDEMNING BUSINESS TO MEDIOCRITY – 5 STUMBLING BLOCKS TO EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION”

3 top Media Relations mistakes you will not want to make

Have a look. We have also put together a ‘How to get your story in the press’ check list for you.

5 Affordable digital Productivity Tools for Solopreneurs

This is where digital tools come into their own. Today’s marketplace offers hundreds, if not thousands, of easy to use digital tools. Many of these are free or available against a small subscription fee.

Here are some of our most favourite tools: