5 Affordable digital Productivity Tools for Solopreneurs

This is where digital tools come into their own. Today’s marketplace offers hundreds, if not thousands, of easy to use digital tools. Many of these are free or available against a small subscription fee.

Here are some of our most favourite tools:

5 Indicators that your Strategy needs more than a Dust-off

Let your strategy breath. Let your strategy be the life-blood of your organisation, business – your charity.
Yes, a business strategy is a serious matter. Yet, for a moment, think of your strategy as a talk-show host. It needs to draw people in and communicate clearly. It should invite questions, participation. It needs to lead to a crescendo, a moment of celebration. That does not mean that the moment of celebration needs to be extraordinary or difficult to achieve. ‘Strategy’ does not require a certain level of difficulty. Rather, it leads to a goal, whether big or small.

Reputation, the last thing on your mind? Think again.

In today’s climate, business owners and leaders who spend little time and money on brand reputation are likely to be making a very bad investment decision.

From the Silk Road of Globalisation to a ‘Land & Cloud Economy’

Zeitgeist Meta Trends, by Jutta Devenish The ancient city of Xi’an (formerly Chang’an) in China is known as the starting point from which the Silk Road wound its way westward in order to open its doors to what we now know as globalisation. Poignantly, it is also home to some of the largest internationally operatingContinue reading “From the Silk Road of Globalisation to a ‘Land & Cloud Economy’”


As we look at some of the key communication steps for events over the next fews weeks, today’s blog post focuses on mind maps and how to use these in the planning process. Download event mind map ​ Receive tips and tricks on how to lorum ipsum. Send me the guide Powered By ConvertKit WhenContinue reading “EVENT COMMUNICATION 101 – MIND MAPPING”


Keswick, 13 January 2020, Zeitgeist Communication Ltd. has been confirmed as an official Northern Powerhouse partner. The Keswick-based company offers business, PR and communications strategy consultancy and training. This week also sees the launch of its full-service conference and event management offering, Zeitgeist Event Management. “It is a great privilege to have been named aContinue reading “ZEITGEIST COMMUNICATION NAMED OFFICIAL PARTNER OF THE NORTHERN POWERHOUSE”

Leading and influencing Leaders

Interview with Matthew Henry, Project Manager for Arup / ISA Gantt charts alone do not deliver. In my interview with Matthew Henry, a project manager in the nuclear industry, I explore how the ability to lead other leaders and communicate direction and vision impact project delivery.  Leadership has always been an interesting topic. Often, however, peopleContinue reading “Leading and influencing Leaders”


As you are reading this, does this sound familiar? Your new boss says she has vision and knows exactly where she wants to take the business. When you ask more questions, however, her response is not really clear. It sounds more like a brainstorm, but certainly not like anything concrete. You realise that you willContinue reading “FOUR LEADERSHIP ERRORS WHICH WILL LOSE YOU MONEY”

When a CEO fails to cast vision – even the best marketing talent cannot deliver

Every CEO, whatever her or his business, must be able not only to answer the question, “What is your vision?”, but to do so with conviction and, one would hope, with passion.