We train you
to communicate better

We all communicate. The question is how can we communicate better and engage
our audience in true conversation, inspire our teams to follow our leadership? Our communications training
sharpens your communication skills and helps you confidently
and convincingly reach your counterparts. Here, some examples of our offering.

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cross-cultural communication

This is a ‘Workforce Agility’ course.

The aim of this course is to develop participants’ skills to manage effectively in a diverse, fluctuating and increasingly international environment. The course is primarily concerned with issues that arise when managing diverse teams and focuses on the themes of communication, influence, team & leadership.

3 x 1/2 day (or 1 1/2 day), ideally off-site for groups of 8 -16 participants. Smaller group training can be arranged.

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crisis communication

Our crisis preparedness training includes crisis communications planning and training for key staff and is tailored to your individual needs. We provide confidential, professional consultancy and training.

For more urgent cases, please contact us to arrange a quick confidential conversation.

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leadership communication

We offer C-suite communications training as well as training and coaching for rising leaders. All our training can be delivered on or off-site.

Here, some of the courses we offer.
w=workshop t=training c=coaching

Relational Leadership (w), 1/2 - 1 day

Servant Leadership - a paradigm shift (w) 1 day

Speech Writing & Public Address (t) 1-2-days

Digital organisation (w) 1/2 - 1 day

Day-to-day speech and influence (c) series

Mentoring for ‘young’ PR professionals (c) series

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This workshop gives participants an overview of the available online, digital tools and apps such as calendars, project management software, to-do-lists, email and social media management tools.



Media training

With more than 25 years’ international broadcast experience reporting from from Europe and the Middle East delivering TV, radio and print interviews across continental Europe, the United Kingdom and the USA we deliver proven media and crisis communications training.

All our media training is recorded via video and analysed on location.

1/2 day and full day sessions as well as crisis scenario training.

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change communication

This workshop is aimed at participants who want to learn from best-in-class and go back to their places of work ready to effect & communicate for organisational change.

Thought provoking and challenging.

This workshop helps people adopt the ‘YES and’ principle.

1 -2 days

Media Training - cross-cultural communication -
leadership communication -
Change & Crisis communications Training

We offer more than 25 years' international experience across B2C, B2B, education and non-profit markets and have worked with Fortune 500 businesses, international aid agencies and H.E. international educational institutions in
the UK, Germany, Austria, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
We are based in the Lake District, Cumbria, UK.