In a data and artificially enhanced business environment invest in real people & face-to-face communication

Much is said about a leader’s need for emotional intelligence. In fact, statistics from Harvard, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Foundation tell us that 85 –87% of our success results from soft skills, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills.[1]

Emotional intelligence, however, has various layers and is informed by our experience and knowledge of people, their psyche, their patterns of behaviour and their underlying culture. It is especially defined by our understanding of our own emotions and patterns of behaviour.

It is here that strong cross-cultural communication skills come into play. Our understanding of other people’s culture inform, shape and direct our decision-making and ability to create positive, productive relationships, both privately and in business. It is when our understanding of our own culture and decision-making processes is raised and we have acquired the necessary set of competencies and skills to use this knowledge productively and engagingly that we are able to adjust our own behaviour, empathise and communicate more effectively and create win-win mentalities and outcomes.

Too often, leaders assume that increasing production or service delivery or focusing on a set of tasks will sharpen their team’s efficiency. It is the competency around soft-skills, however, which lifts average teams out of the ordinary and creates high-performing teams.

Leaders who invest in soft skills and continue to fine-tune their and their team’s emotional intelligence - and who know how to leverage existing diversity and mix of cultures - will succeed in creating an environment that not only encourages team-work but produces thought leadership. It opens to the door to out-of-the-box thinking and can propel businesses to true success rather than a steady course of ‘just enough’.

Teams that are enriched with high levels of cross-cultural understanding – or ‘high-diversity awareness’ - will communicate more effectively and enhance negotiation skills, innovation and team performance.

When planning training budgets for the year ahead, it is vital that we carve out the funds needed to invest in soft-skills such as cross-cultural understanding and communication. In an age of artificial intelligence investing in human interaction and relational communication skills is just as, if not more, important than investing in data and artificial productivity.  

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Photo credit rawpixel on Unsplash