Communicating Christmas (3)

Today’s pick comes from an unlikely source - or is it that unlikely? Jeffrey Archer, well-known author has partnered with Cancer Research this year to produce some beautiful Christmas cards, not just in design, but in copy. He reflects on Christ’s life and His claim to be the Son of God. Archer does this in an engaging, contemporary way and the result is stunning. Lord Archer has donated all profits from the card to Cancer Research UK. He read ‘The Son of God’ text for the first time at their carol concert at St Mary’s Marylebone in London this Wednesday gone by.

Here an extract from the card:

"He was born in a barn, his father a carpenter, and his mother a decent woman, but they were no significance, and certainly couldn't afforded to give the boy a private education. And yet, as a teenager, he was arguing the toss with his elders and betters in the council chambers.

He never got a proper job, just roamed around the countryside, unshaven, and living off bread and water and the occasional fish, while offering his opinions to those who cared to listen.

He became the manager of a football team known as The Disciples, not one of them a star, in fact the twelfth man rather let the side down by accepting a transfer fee of thirty pieces of silver to play for the opposition. 

The authorities eventually arrested him as a rabble-rouser, but couldn't decide what to charge him with, other than the fact he claimed he was the Son of God."

A great use of Archer’s writing gifts and a communications result Cancer Research can be proud of.

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