Launching Zeitgeist Communication!

We have had potential clients knock on our door while we were not yet up and running - which has been super encouraging and motivating! Now, however, it is time for the official launch of our new business - ZEITGEIST COMMUNICATION Limited!

Your own business. To some, a dream - to others simply just scary. It really is both. It is exciting to set things up, get conversations going, see business interest before you have even launched your website and to develop ideas for the future. It can also be nerve-wrecking as you try and get it right. New business ventures like ours need  practical, financial and strategic planning and oodles of creativity and determination.  

Over the last couple of months, ZEITGEIST COMMUNICATION has worked with partners such as OneOwlPlease and Jenny Woolgar photography on helping us get our branding and photography right. In addition, we have had some fantastic advice from the Chamber of Commerce. Susan Crooks from Crux Associates and business advisor for the Chamber supported our start-up with sound business planning advice, helping us make sure all the legal boxes are ticked. Incredibly helpful and we could not have done it without this support. Finally, as we all do, taxes need dealing with and the support we have had from Robinson and Co. has been outstanding! A great thank you to all our partners! 

We look forward to working with old clients from our time in Vienna and new and could not have chosen a more beautiful region than the Lake District with its World Heritage Status to be working in. We look forward to hearing from businesses and non-profits across the region and beyond as we provide strategic integrated communication across English and German-speaking markets! 

Finally, a few thoughts from the Managing Director, Jutta Devenish on ZEITGEIST COMMUNICATION: 


“I launched ZEITGEIST COMMUNICATION here in the UK after more than 25 years’ experience of working on PR, marketing and fundraising in international business, B2C, B2B, education and non-profit markets. I moved to the beautiful Lake District just over two years ago from Austria, where I ran a similar agency in Vienna. 

Over the years, I have seen a strong need within business and non-profits to consider marketing and communication as strategic disciplines in their business planning. Too often, organisations waste money on hap-hazard marketing and PR decisions. Our agency will focus on driving clear, results-driven communication for our clients. ”


“We will add value to our clients’ communications decisions through a strong focus on strategy and consultancy which helps identify and deliver the best communication tools to achieve their business goals. We will be offering a full palette of PR and marketing communication services. 

A key part of our offering will be leadership communications training with focus on cross-cultural communication. Personally, I am very much looking forward to this. 

We will be working with large enterprises, charities, small business and start-ups. Each of these has its own unique communication needs. Our international experience across B2C, B2B and non-profit markets offers a our clients a uniquely diversified and well-tested offering. Furthermore, we provide services across English and German speaking markets. 

Analysis and measurement will be key in all that we do. I do not believe in offering clients everything under the sun, but would rather see them succeed as a result of one or two strategic, well-thought-out solutions.”


“Keep an eye out for AI (artificial intelligence) and be determined to use it, but not to succumb to it. Be as real and as people-oriented as you can in all your communication. My personal preference is to meet clients face-to-face. There is no better communication than that between two real people. ”