Public Relations: Tilling the Ground for sales, marketing and fundraising success


Where does Public Relations begin and marketing end? Which of the two do you need for your business? 

The analogy we like to use to explain the difference is that of a harvest. A farmer has little chance of reaping a harvest over a long period of time if he or she is not willing to till the ground or water the fields.  And, if the field does not receive the necessary sun shine to make the crop grow there is little hope. Tilling is hard work and it takes time, but it is worth the effort. 

The same is the case for a business or a charity. While short-term gains are possible, it is the long-term sustainability which will strengthen profitability for years to come. Public Relations prepares the ground for your business activity. It spring-boards your marketing and fundraising efforts. 

Public Relations offers organisations the opportunity to prepare and cultivate the ground they are operating in. Working with stakeholders, ensuring there is two-way dialogue and listening to their audiences allows PR practitioners to identify, create and foster a favourable marketing environment. Can the 'facebooks' and 'Amazons' of this day and age function without PR? No. 

Can other businesses? Perhaps some think they have managed, but the reality is that every phone call to a customer, every chat on social media and every well-placed charity contribution, whether intentionally made for PR purposes or not, contributes to business success. 

It is only within a favourable climate or fertile ground that marketing can succeed. Whatever number of marketing 'Ps' a business uses, Public Relations must play its part. 

Business owners and CEOs of charities, while clearly having their eyes fixed on funding and profits, need to think through their Public Relations strategy not only for sales and marketing purposes, but because organisations rely on the relationships they cultivate, both externally and internally. 

Looking for success with your marketing? Start with a solid Public Relations strategy. 

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