Businesses and charities who fail to strategise – fail.


Too few people, Whatever the organisation, business or charity, tight timelines and the need for immediate income dictate the pace of every-day business. Meetings or planning sessions are seen, at best, as a burden on time and, at worst, as a total waste of resources. “Let’s just get on with it.” “We need to make ends meet.” “We can strategise later.” - all too familiar words from CEO’s, sales and fundraising teams.  

Yet, with all the well-intentioned focus on the now, the actual goal is often missed. Small businesses fizzle out, large corporations throw unnecessary money at fixing the gap between the immediate action and the forgotten plan and charities waste donors’ hard-earned money.

With more than 25 years’ experience working with Fortune 500 companies and international charities and education institutions, we have seen how lack of planning has resulted in tremendous financial loss. Old leaders unwilling to innovate and go with the times fail to strategise and think afresh, driving their business into the ground.

New leaders and board members of charities with little or no understanding of customer engagement, fail to bring vision and forward planning to the table and forget that the longevity of their cause, as well as their salaries, rely exactly on these supporters. Their unwillingness to strategise and apply business planning ultimately destroys their once much-loved cause.

Let’s be clear. Strategy is not a ‘nice-to-have’. It is not a ‘will fit it in when I can’. It is the essence of good business. It meets leadership’s responsibility to deliver the best outcome, to show excellent financial management and outstanding human resourcing. Strategy lays the foundations for product development, change management and marketing campaigns.

Contrary to the belief of some, strategies are not rigid maps to follow by the dot. They are flexible blue prints which offer overview, clarity and direction. They guide organisations with clarity while leaving room for improvisation and adaptability. Neither does strategy development take up vast amounts of a team’s time. It is here that business strategy consultants can provide essential support. Their expertise helps streamline planning, ensure that input into the strategy is concise and keep the process on target.

Strategy consultants are cost-savers to the business. Their value is felt during the various phases of strategic planning. Business Consultants will dig deep into an organisation’s past and present and identify performance gaps or errors which need to be taken into account in any future planning. Their objective assessment can be of tremendous value to leaders who want to make sure there is transparency, accuracy and innovation.

When setting aims and objectives, consultants help leaders and their teams identify the essence of their targets as well as split out the phases during which these hope to reach various goals. In working with those responsible, the aim will be to help the organisation match up vision and objectives as well as human, time and financial resources.

While business continues and leaders are occupied with every-day pressures, consultants have the freedom and space of mind it takes to think ahead and lay out a road-map for success based on sound analysis, clear objectives and the informed business and technological acumen.

When choosing business consultants, organisations need trustworthy partners who not only have the success of the business or charity at heart but understand how to engage with various levels of leadership and the individuals in their teams – people who will understand how to create buy-in and engagement with a new strategy. The more varied consultants’ work and life experience and the more people-minded they are, the more value they will bring to the table.

Zeitgeist Communication offers business consultancy with a focus on Communication. As consultants we help organisations leverage the detail and depth that artificial intelligence offers with the emotional and cultural intelligence (EQ and CQ) of years of experience in international business. We understand how to take a team’s unique shape and structure into consideration and find ways to get the best out of each of the contributors to the strategic plan and its success. We offer in-depth market analysis and communications audits to help organisations understand their status quo and devise communication solutions which drive more of the right business to our clients.

Our Communications Consultancy offers a unique blend of international experience, analytical acumen and relational know-how. We are partners you can trust when determining the road ahead for your customer engagement strategy, your internal communications plan and your next change management scenario.

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