Managing Diverse Teams in an increasingly Globalised World

Introduction to cross-cultural management and communication

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When? Thursday 18 April 2019 9.00am for 9.15am start to 2.00pm (with lunch)

Where? Hunday Manor Hotel, near Workington, Cumbria CA14 4JF

Cost? FREE for BECBC members; £50 + VAT for non-BECBC members

  • Leading diverse, cross-cultural teams

  • Effective communication within a cross-cultural or highly diverse setting

  • Successful cross-cultural negotiation

Good leaders, efficient teams and successful organisations do not run on profit-loss sheets, project-management and finances alone. It takes people, mental intelligence, emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence.

This workshop is a team and leadership agility course and focuses on cultural intelligence. Course participants will get a taste of what it means to communicate, lead and negotiate well in a cross-cultural setting. The workshop will also have clear benefits to those whose working environments that are becoming more diverse – less uniform.

The workshop will help participants think outside of their own box, challenging them to create more win-wins. It offers an introduction to a more in-depth training course and is highly-interactive.

Topics will include:

• Confronted with another culture

• Team dynamics and leadership in cross-cultural settings

• Cross-cultural communication and negotiation

• Change and crisis communication across cultures


Jutta Devenish, MA MCIPR – Communications Consultant & Trainer

• Communications Strategy, including Change & Crisis Communication

• Public Relations/Stakeholder engagement

• Cross-cultural Communication

Cross-Cultural Leadership Lecturer: International Business School, Budapest/Vienna training business leaders and diplomats.

Adjunct Lecturer: Webster University, Vienna, University of Applied Sciences, Vienna

Worked for and with Fortune 500 companies and international aid agencies, written for Reuters Alertnet and reported from war-torn areas in Serbia, Ingushetia, Kosovo and the Middle East. Jutta is German/American, married to a Brit and has worked across Europe and the MEE region managing and training C-suite leaders and communication teams across multiple countries.


To register contact: by Friday 12 April 2019

Jutta Devenish