Launching Zeitgeist 4YP - Mentorship programme for Young Professionals!

We are delighted to be launching Zeitgeist 4YP, a FREE mentoring and coaching programme designed to encourage young professionals in the PR, communications and marketing sector.

“One of the driving principles of Zeitgeist Communication is Thankfulness. This means that we take nothing for granted. As such, I personally do not take for granted the time and effort others have invested in me over the years, especially when I just started out. Their patience and commitment to my growth was – and still is – invaluable.  Their trust in me did more for me and where I am today than any salary or bonus. This is what has inspired Zeitgeist 4YP.” Jutta Devenish, Managing Director, Zeitgeist Communication.

“From working in partnership with Zeitgeist Communication, I've been able to grow a lot out of my comfort-zone in developing my communications and marketing skills. It's been such a relaxed and gradual process that it's just very natural the way Jutta coaches over a drink in a cafe. I can definitely see and appreciate the time and effort she invests in me and my start-up business. And by far, for me, what stands out is her desire and enthusiasm for boosting others forward in their career!”, Joanne Wong, Illustrator and Designer, JCY Wong Design (

Zeitgeist for Young Professionals offers 10 hours of FREE mentoring and coaching. It is a Cumbria-wide programme and is open to students in their last year of studies of Public Relations, Marketing or Communication and those who are in their first two years of a related professional career.  Zeitgeist 4YP is designed to help young professionals think more strategically about marketing communication and their own careers. Participants will be required to develop a communications strategy for a topic of their choice as part of the programme. Two mentorships are offered each year.

“We are a small consultancy with big experience – something we hope to share. If professionals throughout the county gave just a little bit of their time to encourage others, it would certainly make an impact. Work and life are about people and it is here that we need to invest.” 

Zeitgeist Communication specialised in Strategic Communication, helping businesses, educational institutions and non-profits cut the clutter and cost of their marketing and communication activities and stay focused on their business goals, whether for sales, change or stakeholder engagement. They also offer leadership communications training.

To find out more about Zeitgeist 4YP and to apply go to: