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Top 5 tips for handling complaints at an event

1. Listen
Where possible, speak to the person face-to-face. If others are around, try and step aside so as to give them your undivided attention and so as not to widen the issue. Make sure they understand that you are fully focused on their concern. People want to be heard, taken seriously and listened to. 

2.Record complaints
Sounds simple, but too often, due to time pressures complaints are not recorded. Do it! Why? Because you need to measure the rate and content of complaints so you can continue to improve the quality of your event.

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Event Communication 101 - Mind mapping

The mind map will serve as a visual aid to create a full picture of the various steps needed to communicate. Moving along through the planning process treat the mind map not as a finished document, bur rather as a work in progress and add items you might have forgotten initially. 

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