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Our client sees favourable vote for planning permission, Keswick's pencil factory

Zeitgeist Communication provided Public Relations and Communications Strategy consultancy for this project and we are delighted at the outcome. A lot of work has gone into working closely with the charity’s local community and stakeholders. Plans were adapted to ensure that the technical, environmental, noise and flood requirements are met as well as to ensure that the site will be of benefit to both the local community as well as to the organisation’s supporters. A constant flow of information to stakeholders and media created transparency and also opportunity for dialogue.

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Off the record. Just don't.

It is like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube and then trying to put it all back without any loss or damage to either the toothpaste of the tube. You will not succeed. If you do not want information to be shared outside of your immediate circle, office or company, then don't share it - especially not with a journalist. 

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