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Four leadership errors which will lose you money

Thirdly:  identify or grow vision champions in the organisation. Challenge them regularly to identify, develop and measure opportunities in the organisation as well as the market that will help your team achieve the vision. Help them get off the merry-go-round of lack of direction.

Fourthly: Count the cost of not being clear. Review departmental business plans, assess these against your organisational goals and vision. Do not let teams loose until you are satisfied that the direction they are taking is in line with the overall direction. Evaluate and adjust ongoingly and compare cost savings and earnings across the organisation and cut activities which do not serve the vision. Here is your greatest cost-saving.

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Our behaviour and communication is shaped by our culture

…cross-cultural communications training can bring tremendous insights and help professionals in diverse or cross-cultural teams overcome their communication barriers and help shape resilient and flexible organisations equipped to succeed in an ever more globalised and diversified working environment. 

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