The ‘not so typical’ days in the life of our communications agency:

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No one day is the same for a communications consultancy. Zeitgeist Communication works with clients from a variety of sectors and with different levels of communications needs. This means that our day can be incredibly varied and fast-moving. Nothing is typical. Here, one of our ‘not so typical days’ in a snap-shot:

Media work:
Started the day with an email out to media, ensuring that time-critical press releases and photos and videos are sent out on behalf of our clients.

Project Management:
Double-checked our project management lists to ensure all is on track.

Time for networking. Off to Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster. Met with professionals from the nuclear industry, water engineering and engineering design services industries to those involved in social impact projects.

This was followed by a round of telephone calls and emails in search of a freelance writer to work with us on a couple of accounts.

Rewrote a customer review for one of our clients in the education sector.
Drafted a blog post for clients in the publishing industry and professional services industry.

Strategy & Planning
Started the development of an outbound communications strategy for one of our clients with focus on market research as its first phase.

Pulled together a press release schedule for of our charity clients

Organised tech support and photographer for a press event

Set date for press conference for one of our charity clients

Website Design
Sent out details for one of the new websites we have developed in support of a local business project

Social Media
Sent out several social media posts via Buffer, Hootsuite and checked SumAll – different clients are using different tools.

App Management
Fixed some issues on one of our clients Apple Developer page in order to help them update their events app.

Fundraising Communication
Worked on some ideas for fundraising communication in form of a leaflet for a charity further south of the border.

30-minute marketing for Zeitgeist Communication
Made use of a 30-minute time slot to put some online communication out about our business.

& finally: Thankfulness
Interjected with manifold phone calls and emails, the day ended with thankfulness for the work we are given, the support we have from wonderful suppliers and the smiles along the way when working with great people.