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The essential 'constant' of stakeholder-engagement - not just in the nuclear sector

Communication has to take on the form of a constant when delivering stakeholder engagement strategies. It must include careful and ongoing listening, generous and engaging outward communication and ongoing evaluation of content delivered on both sides. Relationships - strong relationships - can only be formed and nurtured through active, interactive and ongoing communication. Leaders, organisations and communications professionals must be in it for the long-term. There is no second best approach, no magic bullet. Stakeholder engagement is hard work. The results will speak for themselves.

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Businesses and charities who fail to strategise – fail.

Let’s be clear. Strategy is not a ‘nice-to-have’. It is not a ‘will fit it in when I can’. It is the essence of good business. It meets leadership’s responsibility to deliver the best outcome, to show excellent financial management and outstanding human resourcing. Strategy lays the foundations for product development, change management and marketing campaigns.

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Listening silently - cross cultural intelligence

As she explained what she had learned others were astonished. She had manged to sketch a picture of each of the participants and the team dynamics of such accuracy and insight and relay this information against the theories of Hofstede, Hall and others that the others were literally speechless. It seemed they only just realised she was actually in the same room with them.

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