ZEITGEIST COMMUNICATION Limited offers four pricing options in order to allow clients to choose the most cost-effective solution. We will work with each client on identifying the best cost structure and ensuring transparency throughout any given project. 



When working on larger projects it will be more cost-effective for our clients to choose a project-based pricing structure. We work closely with our clients on mapping out the projects scope and associated costs. As our client, you will have a clear overview of costs throughout any project. 


We will recommend a retainer fee for ongoing consultancy and time-intensive work. This will allow you to plan in our time and we, too, can make sure we put time and resources aside to focus on your individual needs. 

by the hour

For smaller projects and ad-hoc services, we will charge an hourly rate.

Product pricing

We offer specific package pricing for specific service-level agreements such as our social media management services. 

We have Individual product pricing for web design, video productions, news releases etc.