We help you communicate.


Thousands of pounds are wasted every financial year and opportunities are lost due to lack of communications strategy and planning.

ZEITGEIST COMMUNICATION provides professional advice on audience engagement, branding and marketing strategies. We apply sound data analysis and strategic planning to drive our clients' long-term marketing communication and business success.  

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Market Data Analysis

Our marketing and communications strategies are underpinned by sound market data. We help your brand maximise competitor analyses, market trends and political and economic influences. We work with AI technology partners as well as gather information from large panel international market research.

We help your communication deliver results against your business plan.

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Public Relations

With an extensive portfolio of Public Relations campaigns, we provide professional and creative PR support. Our media relations consultants provide strategic insight and help you develop successful media relations campaigns. We specialise in English- and German-speaking markets and offer crisis management, change communication and fundraising campaign planning.


Audience mapping

We help you develop clear stakeholder segmentation and audience-defined communication plans so you can focus on delivering the messaging, products and services you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Not sure how to reach your target audience? Call us!


Content Strategy

We help you develop a content strategy that draws on your expertise, your brand’s uniqueness and provides your audience with content that encourages them to keep coming back.

Are you looking for some help with your content strategy? Or do you need help with being consistent with providing your audience with good content? We create content for you and manage your communications channels for you. . Please see our CREATIVE section for more information.