Setting Goals, Jonathan Harris

Known as @authorjon, motivational speaker and multiple author, Jonathan Harris and Jutta Devenish talk about the importance of setting goals

5 Indicators that your Strategy needs more than a Dust-off

Let your strategy breath. Let your strategy be the life-blood of your organisation, business – your charity.
Yes, a business strategy is a serious matter. Yet, for a moment, think of your strategy as a talk-show host. It needs to draw people in and communicate clearly. It should invite questions, participation. It needs to lead to a crescendo, a moment of celebration. That does not mean that the moment of celebration needs to be extraordinary or difficult to achieve. ‘Strategy’ does not require a certain level of difficulty. Rather, it leads to a goal, whether big or small.

Tools for Leadership Productivity

Let’s be practical. Productivity does not come easy, you are not born with, nor can you run away from its demands. In this episode we look at 4 concrete habits and tools which you can use to help your own productivity.

Leader’s Toolkit, scenario planning with or without COVID-19

It is through scenario planning that strategies become rich in innovation and lateral thinking. Whether you are looking at how to move on and through COVID-19 or whether you are planning the way for your business whatever the season might be.

Strong and compassionate Crisis Communication

In difficult times such as those caused by COVID-19, leaders are faced with having to lead, take difficult decisions and also show empathy for those around them. This episode looks at 5 key principles of crisis leadership and communication. _______ Show Notes (This is a transcript created with an AI and is not 100% complete.Continue reading “Strong and compassionate Crisis Communication”

Leadership feet in two camps – the now and the tomorrow of COVID-19

This episode provides leaders with three jump boards from which to move their businesses from the now into the future through the COVID-19 lock down.

Part 2 – 5 Building Blocks to re-birth your Business Strategy

5 building blocks leaders must consider when re birthing their business strategy as a result of Covid-19. A free resource

Covid-19, 5 Building Blocks to rebirth your business strategy

we’re going to explore some key considerations that leaders need to make in order to re birth replant their strategies in order to meet the new reality

When a CEO fails to cast vision – even the best marketing talent cannot deliver

Every CEO, whatever her or his business, must be able not only to answer the question, “What is your vision?”, but to do so with conviction and, one would hope, with passion.